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Rising above it all

"It's possible" 

As seasons change, so do we. Even in our lowest point, we can find the harvest using the right lens. Let me support you in regaining your ability to be productive and reach your optimal self.

-Magdala Nelson, LCSW


Magdala Nelson

Magdala Nelson is a licensed clinical social worker with more

than 15 years of experience providing psychotherapy to

children, adolescents, adults and families; treating life stressors such as, but not limited to anxiety, behavioral problems, depression, and trauma. She believes that identifying the underlying issues is imperative to effectively manage and increase your resilience against daily stressors. Building a trusting client-therapist relationship that will promote change and lead to a positive psychotherapy outcome is her ultimate goal.

Are you experiencing depression, feeling overwhelmed, and/or having difficulty adjusting? It is time to make a change!


Welcome to LEVE Counseling
Services Offered

Strength Based Therapy

Strength Based Therapy focuses more on the inner strengths and positive attitude of the individual. Identifying      

Trauma-Focused Therapy allows clients to to explore  post traumatic events such as car accidents, physical assaults, 

Person Centered Therapy

Person-centered therapy uses an approach where the client is able to drive the conversation, to the point where they can

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