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Services Offered

Strength Based Therapy

Strength Based Therapy focuses more on the inner strengths and positive attitude of the individual. Identifying their weaknesses and fears; converting stumbling blocks into building blocks is the main goal. Creating a judgement free mindset that helps them hone in on their strengths, capabilities, and prioritize the time to put them into practice. Building a stronger you can only be achieved when you are willing to put in the work to improved those weaknesses.

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Person-Centered Therapy

Person-Centered Therapy uses an approach where the client is able to drive the conversation, to the point where they can feel empowered and motivated to express themselves freely. It is very important to build a trusting therapist-client relationship. At Leve Counseling we create a safe space filled with positive energy  that helps our clients learn how to recognize their emotional triggers and identify the best way to achieve that change they are seeking.

Family Therapy

Sometimes it is just too difficult to work through the noise when everyone is trying to be heard. The root of the problem can only be identified when the noise is silenced enough to hear each other and acknowledge the feelings expressed. Siblings, partners, children, parents, grandparents, and extended family members all play a pivotal role in one way or another whether it be about the past or present issues.  Leve Counseling helps their clients communicate more effectively with the prize tool that often goes underrated, respect.   

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Changing the way we think is the hardest thing to do especially when you have been conditioned to think a certain way; about how the rules apply to you or life in general. Understanding how your mind interprets and processes information is one of the most talked about challenges in mental health. But its not impossible to do! Leve Counseling believes that with certain therapeutic frameworks and consistent dialogue with their clients, goals set are goals accomplished.

Play Therapy

Like adults, children have a difficult time expressing their emotions especially after traumatic experiences and/or if there is some developmental delay. Play therapy is an approach primarily used to help children ages 3 to 12. Leve Counseling understands the importance of developing and using age appropriate coping strategies and while building their social skills.  

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 Trauma-Based Therapy

Trauma-Focused Therapy allows clients to explore  post traumatic events such as car accidents, physical assaults, mass shootings, racism, domestic violence, child abuse, debilitating diseases, health disparities, miscarriages, and etc.  At Leve Counseling our clients are provided with the tools to help them learn how to accept the things they can not change, the reality of their trauma and most all understand that their trauma does not define who they are or their future.

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